Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises?

Absolutely NO alcoholic beverage are allowed in any of the parks.

Do you host off-site rentals?

Yes, we certainly do! Please call us with any questions regarding off-site rentals.

How many can play at a time?

The minimum to play a game of bubble ball is eight. However, Knocker Squad can accommodate up to 16 players! We typically recommend eight bubble balls for a group of 8-12 people and we recommend twelve bubble balls for 12 to 20 players. If your group size does not meet our criteria, please call us and we will take good care of you!

Is there an age limit?

We recommend for ages 18 and up, however the minimum age allowed to participate at Knocker Squad is 10 years of age.

Is there a size limit?

Bubble balls are available in two sizes currently:  1.3 meter or medium recommended for male or female under 5 feet seven inches:  1.5 meter or large for those over 5 feet 7 inches. The inner diameter of a bubble ball is about 30 inches. It is important that your bubble ball is adjusted to cover from above your head to just above your knees.

Do I need additional equipment?

Running around in a bubble ball that weighs between 15 and 20 pounds can become very hot, very quick. We recommend wearing normal athletic footwear and clothes. Some people bring their own knee pads for extra comfort/protection and to make it easier to stand up without using their arms. As with any outdoor athletics, it is a good idea to bring sunscreen, water, and a towel. Please do NOT wear jewelry, glasses, or hats as those items can easily break on impact or puncture the bubble balls.

Do you require a liability waiver?

Yes, all participates at Knocker Squad must fill out our waiver. A link to the waivers will be provided in your booking confirmation email.

Is there a minimum rental?

Yes, there is. 8 bubble balls for a 90 minute experience is our minimum.

What types of games can you play?

Soccer, football, sharks and minnows, last man standing, and more. Tons of GAMES!

Do you have a facility where I can play?

Yes! We are currently located at Minikahda Vista Park, 3901 Inglewood Ave S, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

How much does it cost?

We book groups in six or twelve: a group of eight is $275 and a group of 12 is $375.

Is Knocker Squad as much fun as it looks?

Definitely, Knocker Squad is an absolute blast! Can’t wait to have you out soon!